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Silicone Sponge

Silicone Sponge - Exactsilicone

Silicone Sponges are multipurpose and non-porous. These sponges can be dried quickly and can help us to clean our kitchen utensils and cookware without spreading germs. These durable silicone sponges are eco-friendly and last much longer than typical sponges. Silicone sponge can help us in cleaning variety of items and surfaces in our homes, other than dishes.

Silicone sponge are effective at scrubbing off toothpaste which gets stuck in bathroom sink. Although, silicone sponge requires more soap for maintaining its effectiveness and it has the tendency to become slippery but it can effectively clean all surfaces.

Silicone sponges have varied uses like, picking up lint or hair from clothes or furniture. We can also use them to scrub our skin while taking shower. We can also scrub potatoes, mushrooms, and other vegetables by using silicone sponge. These sponges can be quickly washed in dishwasher.

Exactsilicone produces a range of silicone sponge extrusions along with silicone sponges, which allows much longer silicone sponge coil lengths. This can help to reduce set up and change over times to increase operational efficiency significantly.

Features of silicone sponge and silicone sponge extrusions:

1)    Silicone sponges are available in several densities from 200kg/m3 to 530kg/m3 and in varied colors including, white, red, and grey.

2)    Sponge silicone extrusions can be produced in diameters ranging from 2mm to 50 mm. Silicone sponge extrusions are basically used as gaskets in applications where superior quality of sealing is required in order to sustain in harsh environments.

3)    Silicone sponge squares can be produced from 2mm to 60mm. Silicone sponges are often joined with cords as circular rings.

4)    Silicone sponge tubing can be produced from an inner diameter ranging from 5mm to 70mm and outer diameter ranging from 10mm to 100 mm.

5)    Silicone sponge of rectangular shapes can be produced from a thickness of 2.5 mm and a width of 100mm.

6)    Silicone Sponge is odourless and can be used for various industrial and commercial purposes.

7)    Silicone sponge extrusions can be used as electrical enclosure seals, insulators, outdoor lightening gaskets, HVAC seals, door seals, and outdoor digital signage.

8)    Silicone sponge extrusions are resistant towards extreme temperatures, UV rays, ozone, and weathering.

9)    Silicone sponge extrusions are anti-stick in nature. Thus, these silicone sponges are recommended by food industries.

10)  Silicone sponge has good vibration damping properties.