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Your Success is our goal and our quality achieves it every time!..

With years of expertise, Exactsilicone is one amongst leading silicone rubber manufacturers based in Indianapolis, USA. We are one of the very few silicone compounder and manufacturer with superior quality products. We manufacture, supply, and export high quality silicone rubber seals, gaskets, grommets, pipes, hoses, and tubing products for commercial, medical, and mission critical military applications. Our aim is to assist you with fulfill your custom and standard silicone rubber parts related needs through our quality sealing and tubing products. We follow holistic quality control processes throughout design, mixing, extrusion, molding, cutting, braiding, and packaging to ensure that our products do not fail unexpectedly during mission critical applications. Exactsilicone manufactures custom silicone rubber products that are made of top-grade materials for sturdiness and stability even during the harshest of conditions in the field outdoor or indoor. We are one of the leading silicone rubber supplier with product range that are usable in a number of industries , including agriculture, automotive, construction, dairy, marine, consumer goods, food & beverage, and pharmaceutical to just name a few.

We leverage the most recognized as well as patented formulations from reputed raw material suppliers that enable us to manufacture silicone rubber parts flawlessly. We custom manufacture products to have a superior mechanical strength and achieve special properties like abrasive, flame, corrosion and other resistance that are specific to our client’s need. Our team is targeted at expanding your business and project with the help of our superior silicone rubber products.

We are passionate about serving our clients with the best rubber components made using the most innovative techniques couple with our years of expertise. Our customers (some of them are in fortune 10) are greatly satisfied with the products and services that we provide and lots of them are even exported for further value add operations through out the globe.

Why select Exactsilicone?

We typically stock a large amount of standard sized o-rings and other products so as to meet your demands with shortest turn around time. We manufacture O-rings, P-seals, U-seal, D-Seal, Quad seals (x-rings), gaskets, caps, plugs, grommets, bellows, and tubing using the best quality silicone rubber material. The products are created with fire retardant, chemical resistant, and steam resistant properties to achieve inertness to contact materials. These properties make our silicone rubber products fully safe and reliable in even pharmaceuticals, medical, food and beverage industries. We are recognized as a trendsetter in manufacturing of custom silicon rubber products that are delivered on time, every time.

Our quality products are trusted domestically as well as internationally. We are trusted globally by multitude of customers who trust us with their mission critical projects and products development. All our products are extraordinarily durable and are fabricated using the finest silicone materials.

“Expanding your business, let us help you!”

Apart from manufacturing, supplying, and exporting quality silicone rubber products, Exactsilicone is here to help you with growth by keeping our promise on quality and schedule. Our engineers and leadership team is always available to guide and aid you through every step the way on your initiatives to help you become effective and successful and then stay there!

Additionally, we offer to maintain your inventory for blanket orders or assist with drop shipping if you need us to provide low cost manufacturing to supply chain solutions. We facilitate our clients to grow at sustainable pace by providing support in every venture and project that they undertake and partner with us. We promise to assist you in reaching the pinnacle of success in your industry through our high-quality products. Irrespective of the size of your company, we are here to provide green and cost effective solutions to all your silicone rubber parts related needs – extrusion, molding, or fabrication.

Our confidence lies in the fact that we will be able to provide you with all your custom silicone extrusion, molding, and die-cut products. At the end of the day, your success is the utmost goal that we desire to achieve through our quality products.

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