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Silicone O-Rings

Silicone O Rings - Silicone O-Rings Manufacturers, Suppliers Exactsilicone

Manufacturer Of Silicone O-Rings: Flexible O Rings for Extreme Pressure

Silicone O rings are circular seals set in cylindrical applications to prevent media passing through joints and other breaks in construction. These O-rings are cheap, easy to install, versatile, and have immense capacity to handle pressures. Thus, they prominently used in mechanical equipment.

These O-rings can be made from various materials which are dependent on its application. Silicone O-rings can handle pressure exerted by hydraulic cylinders over their seals. O-rings are used in various types of motionless or movable joints and piping. Silicone O-rings are extensively used in aerospace and automotive fields.

ExactSilicone is a leading supplier of Silicone O rings. We provide high quality and well-customized and standard O-rings in platinum cured, peroxide cured, fluoro silicone, conductive silicone, O-rings made from other rubber materials for various industries

Features of O-Rings:

  • Silicone Rings comprise of two parts: a rubber based inner core for providing compression and elasticity along with a thin outer jacket made from Teflon which provides the seal thermal stability and corrosion resistance.
  • Depending on core material, O-rings are suitable for operating temperatures ranging from -95ºF to 450ºF.
  • Silicone O-Rings are resistant to most of the chemicals and retain their mechanical properties even after being exposed to high temperatures for a long time.
  • These O-rings have excellent dielectric properties, a low coefficient of friction, flexibility, toughness, and less to no moisture absorption property.
  • These O-rings have two core types: solid core and hollow core. Standard O-rings are supplied with either Viton/FKM/ silicone energizers. Silicone O-rings provide more flexibility in cold temperatures. Hollow core O-rings are used in fragile applications where more elasticity is required.
  • Silicone rings have an outer jacket which can be made up from either fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) or perfluoroalkoxy copolymer (PFA). FEP offers protection against various chemicals and has a low coefficient friction and low compression set. PFA provides additional benefits like it has higher mechanical strength and it can resist stress and cracking. Thus, PFA jacketed O-rings can be used in applications which require higher thermal stability and durability.
  • These O-rings are resistant towards UV radiation, ozone, and hot air.
  • Silicone O Rings are resistant towards fungus.
  • These O-Rings are odorless and non-toxic as silicone compounds are clean. These silicone O-rings are used in food, medical, and semi-conductor applications.
  • These O-rings are often used in fuel systems when temperature is very low.

Exactsilicone supplies O-rings which are made from extruded silicone cord, strip, and complex shaped profile, made using vulcanizing technique. Thus, these silicone O-rings have smooth joints. We also mold or custom silicone O rings as per client’s requirements.

These Silicone O-rings are complied with:

  • FDA Regulation 21CFR177.2600 For Food Contact
  • NSF 51 Approved Material
  • Chemical Resistance
  • 3A Sanitary
  • ZZ-R-765 Overtaken by A-A59588
  • ASTM D2000, AMS 3304
  • USP CL-VI Material
  • High Temperature Silicone