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Silicone Products: Innovative Solution for a Better Future

Silicone Products are broadly utilized during assembly of larger subsystems as deformers, seals, gaskets, grommets, washers. Silicone rubber is most versatile in cooking utensils for heat and corrosion protection. Electrical and Electronics manufacturers use it in electrical housing safety and waterproofing seals. Moreover, Silicone rubber is utilized as a gauze diaphragms, o rings and other rubber parts in instrumentations. Versatility of these applications of silicone rubber is feasible because it bring best properties of natural rubber while none of the drawbacks! Exactsilicone has developed expertise in custom manufacturing (mixing, extrusion, molding and fabrication) of silicone rubber seals, gaskets, custom extruded profiles of continuous length, o rings, grommets and caps to desired mechanical requirements.

Examples of Silicone rubber components:

  • Extruded Rubber Products – E Channel/Seal, U Seal/Channel, C Seal/Channel, P Seal/Channel, D Seal/Channel, Double Bulb Seals, and Omega Seals  are just a few examples
  • Rubber Tubing – Extruded Tubing, Braided Tubing, Reinforced Tubing
  • Rubber gaskets – Flange Gasket, Bolt Gasket, Washers, Sleeves, Bonded Gaskets, Endless Gasket, Extruded Strips, Hollow and Solid Cords
  • Shaped Rubber Products – Complex extruded rubber profile to meet any sealing needs. Our catalog section provides even more examples on what is possible with Silicone rubber.

Benefits of Silicone rubber products:

  • Generally, silicones rubber products are stable against weathering from solvents, oils (fluorosilicone family), acids, UV, steam, temperature, weak sodium hydroxide, and other corrosives.
  • Withstands high and low temperatures much better than natural rubber
  • Repulses water and steam with tight seals
  • Phenomenal electrical protection, no decrease in sealing performance when immersed in water or during under water application, making it a perfect protecting material.
  • Under standard weight, contact with steam, variable stretching conditions, silicone components practically shows no decay properties
  • Fire resistant. A few Products got UL94 V-0 confirmation as indicated by the UL94 (USA) gauges for combustibility criteria as close to silicone rubber.
  • In contrast to most natural and inorganic elastomers, e.g. natural rubber, EPDM and, neoprene, the pressure setting of silicone rubber products can withstand an extensive range of temperatures from – 110°C to +250°C.
  • Silicone rubber is adaptable to many applications as formulations of compound can be altered to achieve specific and desired properties through use of various additives, catalysts and then subjecting to various curing and post curing processes.
  • Low contact reactivity (excellent inertness)


Our Silicone Rubber Extruded Products:

We offer an extensive variety of silicone rubber products that compounded, mixed, extruded o molded, and fabricated all in-house here in USA. Our product range includes tubing, hoses, seals, rolled sheets, die cut profiles to just name a few.