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Silicone Molded Products

Silicone Molded Products Manufacturers, Suppliers & Wholesaler

Silicone molded products can be used for numerous purposes in commercial, military, and industrial applications.

Automotive industry uses silicone rubber o rings, glass and window gaskets, exhaust hose, windshield water subsystem, radiator subsystems.

Medical applications of silicone molded parts include airways, balloon catheters, tubing for feeding, using with peristaltic pumps, compression bars, electrosurgical hand pieces, infusion sleeves and test chambers, introducer tips and flexible sheaths, wire/fluid path coextrusions, ear plugs and hearing aids, shunts and septums, and a variety of seals, stoppers, valves, and clips.

Food and Dairy industry uses molded silicone components for sealing, baking trays, fluid transfer, utensil parts to just name a few.

Construction industry uses for door and windows gaskets, garage door seals, electrical housing seals.

Exactsilicone is a leading manufacturer of silicone molded products. We produce molded silicone parts through in-house injection molding, autoclave curing presses, compression molding, and transfer molding.

Features of Silicone molded products

  • Silicone rubber molded components have dielectric insulating property, additionally, they have an operating range of very high and low (extreme) temperatures
  • Silicone rubber can be compounded and fabricated to meet various specifications like UL-94, V-1 or V-0, UL Code 62, BMS 159-C.
  • Silicone rubber products are not affected by fungus and can be made microbial buildup resistant with appropriate additives during manufacturing process
  • Silicone rubber components has a vert high elongation strength up-to 1200%, has tensile strength up to 1500 psi, tear strength is up to 250 ppi
  • Compression set is as low as 6% at room temperature. Resistance to compression set is maintained at both low and high temperatures.
  • Silicone molded rubber products can be made to achieve hardness ranging from 15 Shore A to 90 Shore A
  • Fluorosilicone rubber’s elongation range varies from 159 to 699% while providing excellent resistant to mineral oil and fuel oil derived products making them ideal for automotive and other industrial applications
  • Silicone rubber remains stable at extreme temperatures. Under high pressure, silicone rubber products will deform approximately half to that of a comparable organic rubber
  • Silicone rubber can withstand 1000s of working cycles over a wide range of temperature making this material ideal for exhaust hanger and vibration damping applications
  • Silicone rubber molds are resistant towards ozone and oxidation processes.
  • Silicone rubber can be bonded to any porous and non-porous material (including metals). This bonding can be made durable to withstands flex movements at high temperatures
  • Silicone molded rubber products are tasteless, odorless and can be made in any desired color
  • These silicone molded parts are resistant towards weathering and aging even against direct sunlight and UV exposure.
  • At Exactsilicone, we mold silicone rubber products into customizable sizes and shapes including, rings, seals, washers, eyelets, rubber to metal bonded products, plugs, caps and stoppers, and any other customized molded parts to meet your requirements. Our silicone materials compile with various International standards including:
  • FDA Regulation 21CFR177.2600 for food contact
  • NSF 51 approved for sanitary applications
  • 3A sanitary
  • ZZ-R-765 Overtaken by A-A59588
  • ASTM D2000, AMS 3304