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Silicone Sheet and Silicone Rubber Sheet

Silicone Sheet and Silicone Rubber Sheet - Exactsilicone

Silicone Rubber Sheet is made out of Silicone Polymer which is engineered in nature are offers an extensive variety of Applications. Silicone Rubber is delicate in contact, light Weight and composite. Engineered Rubber Sheets are considered as High-temperature safe Rubber Sheets. Silicone Rubber Sheets are deemed to shoulder temperature up to +250° C. These are regularly utilized type of elastic sheets because of their capacity to withstand high temperature and warmth. It can hold its common versatility and execution and greatest scope of temperatures. Extraordinary compared to other types of elastic accessible in the market.


Silicone made elastic sheets are an ideal decision for fixing alternatives, sustenance contact options(as there is no scent or taste) and numerous different choices. These are fabricated in condition of craftsmanship producing office of Santosh rubbber. We continously enhance our assembling forms utilizing lean and six sigma strategies to create the best elastic of silicone.




Silicone Rubber can hold up under high temperature and can be formed fit as a fiddle and froth. Silicones have sparkling and greasing up properties. Silicone Polymer is accessible in both strong and fluid froth. It is for the most part unaffected by the extraordinary climate conditions, for example, rain, water, snow, ozone, and warmth. It contains upgraded electrical protecting characteristics and these don’t change much regardless of outrageous ecological burdens. Hardness ranges from 10 to 80 shore A. Aside from every one of these highlights it likewise improves the solace and feel of the elastic sheets.




Generally silicone rubber sheets are used as a part of Automobiles to endure high temperature, in hardware for grease, Food review Silicone Rubber Sheets are being used as a part of Pharmaceuticals and medicinal applications. In Electronics Industry Silicone Gaskets are being used to oppose high temperature. Fluid Silicone is used for giving a Glossy and smooth impact.

Silicone Sheet Fabric is thin, self-cement and texture. It is fixed on one agree with silicone, which adheres to the skin lessening and forestalling scars. Silicone Sheet Fabric can be easily washed with mellow cleanser and water, influencing Silicone  and simple to look after.


Silicone Rubber alongside Fillers and Rubber Processing Chemicals. No Carbon or Toxic Chemicals are being used as a part of the assembling of Silicone Rubber Sheets with the perspective of its utilization in medicinal applications.