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Silicone Foam

Silicone Foam - Exactsilicone

Silicone foam materials are designed for superior applications where the capacity is vital. Silicone froth gaskets and flexible padding cushions are utilized crosswise over numerous ventures where long-haul execution is required. Silicone foam items have brilliant execution properties, for example, low-pressure set, high-temperature strength, low-temperature adaptability, fire appraised (UL 94, FAR), and natural fixing (UL 50, UL 508).

What is Silicone Foam?

Silicone foam items are produced from platinum relieved, fluid silicone rubber. The crude compound is extended and apportioned on a constant throwing line, at that point warm relieved. The extension procedure is controlled to make a scope of items having distinctive densities, non-abrasiveness/immovability, and cell structures. Silicone foam materials normally have a smooth skin on one or the two sides because of the throwing procedure. Open cell silicone froths are generally utilized for padding, dust fixing or light water fixing. Shut cell silicone foam materials are utilized for open-air gaskets, wash-down gaskets, and versatile padding cushions. Extended silicone froth items have a solidness go from Ultra Soft to Extra Firm, enabling architects to choose the best item for their application.

Sponge sheet is supplied in different evaluations and sizes. Shut cell wipes have no interfacing pits, making them perfect for applications where water avoidance and sound and gas maintenance are essential. Open cell wipe has associating pits which make the wipe more compressible. We have the capacity to change over our wipe sheeting into gaskets, cushions and strips slice to any width to suit your prerequisites. We can likewise supply wipe sheeting with a self-cement backing.

Exceedingly Foamed Silicone Rubber Sponge Sheet


->   Excels in warm protecting properties

->   Generally usable in wide temp. the scope of – 60~+200°C, contingent upon the level of pressure.

->   Closed cell structure

->   Excels in affect strength

->   Expansion proportion: Approximately 4 overlap

->   Softer and smoother than Low Foamed Silicone Rubber Sponge Sheet, and has fine-cell geometry.


->   Various gaskets, packings and so forth.

->   Heat safe pressing material

->   Heat safe pad materials

->   Heat protecting material

->   Electronic parts, electrical parts and vehicle parts

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