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Inflatable Seal

Inflatable Seal Manufacturers, Suppliers & Wholesalers | Exactsilicone

We manufacture custom shapes and sizes of silicone inflatable seals for our customers in many industries. Our extruded pneumatic inflatable seal remains flexible in high and low temperature and our seal has excellent service life and weather resistant properties.

To ensure that supply chain remains effective and cost efficient, we ship inflatable seals in deflated state with valve mechanism as per our customer’s design and application requirements. When pressure to seal is introduced through valve mechanism, inflatable seal will take desired shape.

Our inflatable seals have numerous applications such as providing variable sealing where moving parts, clamps and, stoppers are involved. Another great example of our silicone rubber inflatable seal’s application is where operating conditions involve sealing requirements that are dynamic in nature based on surface pressure, load and temperature condition.

Typical applications where our customers leverage Exactsilicone Inflatable seals are:

  • Deep Underwater Vehicles where pressure differential is higher on inner and outer surfaces
  • Dynamic stoppers on continuous conveyor lines
  • Vacuum Chamber Door seals for paint shop, medical grade manufacturing facilities, semiconductor manufacturing facilities

Please call or contact us  and our engineers are ready to discuss how we can help custom manufacture inflatable seals that meet your design, mechanical and chemical properties related requirements!